Frequently Asked Questions

As a major in the college, can I participate in the University Scholars and Honors Programs?

Yes, the college encourages incoming freshmen to join our many current students who are participating in these programs. For further information on eligibility, contact the University Scholars Program and the University Honors Program.

Does the College of Sciences require me to have a certain type of computer?

No, the college does not require any particular computer. If you have one, by all means, bring it with you. If you are considering purchasing one, you are encouraged to attend classes in your discipline and talk with your professors regarding the computer and software that would be most appropriate for your area of study. You may also want to read the computer purchase guidelines from the Office of Information Technology at NC State. Computer laboratories are available at various locations throughout the college for use by undergraduate students.

I took several AP exams and made 3 or better on them. How does the College count my AP credit?

Credit given for AP examinations is based on: (1) the subject of the AP examination taken, (2) your area of study and (3) the score you made on the examination. For further information on AP credit, visit the Admissions Office Advanced Placement website.

I’m confused about what math course I need the first semester of my freshman year.

When you register for classes, you will have been assigned to a math class based on your score on the online NC State Math Skills Test, the SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test or an AP calculus examination, whichever places you in the higher level mathematics class. For further information, visit the Placement Testing page.

I am currently enrolled in a program on campus and want to transfer to another program in the College of Sciences. What should I do?

Requests to change majors or add a major are initiated through the Change of Degree Application (CODA). If you are interested in pursuing one of our programs, please contact the director or coordinator of undergraduate programs for the major as early as possible to discuss your interests.

How do I know when: classes start, when final exams are and when registration opens for the next semester?

Each of these questions can be answered by looking at the university’s calendars. The Academic Calendar shows when classes start and end each semester, as well as when classes are suspended for holidays or university breaks. The Exam Calendar shows exactly when the final exam for each class will be (based on the days and times the class meets). The Enrollment Calendar shows when the registration period for an upcoming semester begins; your specific enrollment date can be found in MyPack Portal shortly before the registration period begins.

I am not sure what career options would be best suited to me.  Where can I go for career guidance?

The university has a Career Development Center, which can offer guidance on everything from choosing a major/career, to preparing a resume and interview tips. Also be sure to talk with your advisor and undergraduate director.

I am concerned about taking tests in college. I sometimes struggle to process information in the time allotted, but don’t want my grades to suffer because of that.

The Disability Services Office (DSO) coordinates a variety of academic accommodations, such as extended time or reduced distraction testing, for students with disabilities. You must register with them to be eligible for such accommodations.

I’m having a personal/family emergency and have to miss class. My professor needs documentation of this.  What can I do?

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) may be able to help you get the documentation you need. In certain circumstances, they will also contact professors directly on your behalf.

I’m having a personal problem and would like to get help.  Are there any resources on campus?

The Counseling Center offers many services free of charge to currently enrolled NC State students.

I am having an unexpected problem (medical, psychological or dire family or personal hardship) and it is after the drop period.  Who can I see about dropping a class?

Your instructor can let you know if there are other options besides dropping the class.  (For example, under certain circumstances it may be possible to receive an incomplete for the course.) If not, then the next step would be to meet with your advisor.

I went to the Org Fair, but I lost the information about a student organization/club I liked. Or I want to find other student organizations/clubs of interest to me. Where can I find more information about what groups are available?

Check out the college’s list of clubs and organizations or visit the searchable university-wide database. You could also contact the undergraduate director of the department you are majoring in to see if there is a discipline-specific club you could become involved with.


Admissions and Enrollment Director of Undergraduate Enrollment for the College of Sciences: Michael Smith, mike_smith@ncsu.edu
Biological Sciences Undergraduate Program Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Director: Lisa Parks, lisa_parks@ncsu.edu

Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Director: Jane Lubischer, jane_lubischer@ncsu.edu

Calendars: Academic, Enrollment, Exam studentservices.ncsu.edu/calendars
Career Advice and Planning Career Development Center, careers.dasa.ncsu.edu
Chemistry Undergraduate Programs Undergraduate Director: Jeremiah Feducia, jfeduci@ncsu.edu
Diversity Programs and Student Services Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Student Diversity and Engagement: Jamila Simpson, j_simpson@ncsu.edu
Genetics Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Director: Betty Gardner, bgardner@ncsu.edu
Honors Programs University Honors: honors.dasa.ncsu.edu
University Scholars: scholars.dasa.ncsu.edu
Department-Specific Honors Programs: Contact the undergraduate director or coordinator
Maple Software Mathematics Multimedia Center, math.sciences.ncsu.edu/undergraduate/courses-faq/math-multimedia-center
Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Undergraduate Programs Undergraduate Director: Carrie Thomas, cjthomas@ncsu.edu

Associate Undergraduate Director: Maggie Puryear, maggie_puryear@ncsu.edu

Mathematics Undergraduate Programs Undergraduate Director: Alina Duca, anduca@ncsu.edu
Medical Care Student Health Services, healthypack.dasa.ncsu.edu
Mental Health Care / Counseling Counseling Center, counseling.dasa.ncsu.edu
Microbiology Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Director: Jonathan Olson, jonathan_olson@ncsu.edu
Physics Undergraduate Programs Undergraduate Director: David Brown, david_brown@ncsu.edu
Registration and Records Student Services Center, studentservices.ncsu.edu
Research Opportunities General: undergradresearch.dasa.ncsu.edu
Chemistry: Josh Pierce, jgpierce@ncsu.edu
Statistics: Justin Post, jbpost2@ncsu.edu
For other departments, contact the undergraduate director or coordinator
Scholarships In the college: Katherine Titus-Becker, katherine_titus-becker@ncsu.edu
From the university: Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-money/financial-aid/types/scholarships
Department-Specific: Contact the Undergraduate Director
Schedule Revisions for College of Sciences students Myisshia Baldwin, mlbaldw2@ncsu.edu
Statistics Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Director: Spencer Muse, muse@ncsu.edu
Student Organizations getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organizations
Tuition and Fees Student Services Center, studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-money
Tutoring General: University Tutorial Center, tutorial.dasa.ncsu.edu
Chemistry: Dennis Wertz Tutorial Center for Chemistry, courses.ncsu.edu/ch101/common/Tutorial_Center
Math, and also help with Maple Software: Mathematics Multimedia Center, math.sciences.ncsu.edu/undergraduate/courses-faq/math-multimedia-center
Physics: Physics Tutorial Center, physicstutorialcenter.wordpress.ncsu.edu
For help from your instructor or teaching assistant, see the office hours posted on the course syllabus.
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program Director: Katherine Titus-Becker, wise_director@ncsu.edu
Zoology Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Coordinator: Jennifer Campbell, jenny_campbell@ncsu.edu