Our Vision

The new College of Sciences is channeling NC State's strengths in the basic sciences into a comprehensive, world-class enterprise dedicated to solving grand societal problems. Our three-year Launch Plan outlines our ambitions.

Launching a World-Class College of Sciences

Top of NC State Belltower set against blue sky

The College of Sciences launched on July 1, 2013, bringing together NC State people and programs in the biological, mathematical and physical sciences. Today, with the people and programs firmly in place, we have arrived at an exciting time in the College’s history: Shaping its vision.

To that end, we are pursuing a dual strategy to be recognized as a world- class institution. One strategy centers on convergence science — people from different fields coming together to tackle big societal challenges in areas of health, energy, security and the environment where we’re well-positioned for success. We’re calling the other strategy “discovery” because it supports pioneering researchers confronting the greatest intellectual questions.

Proceeding down these dual paths means investing in all the ways we serve our students, faculty and the public. These include the obvious areas of education, research and outreach, but we also need to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, expand and modernize our infrastructure, and leverage the power of private philanthropy. We developed a three-year Launch Plan that expands upon our activities in each of those areas.

Throughout this plan are ideas driven by NC State’s 2011-2020 strategic plan, The Pathway to the Future. This College cannot be successful if the university is not successful, and the College adopts as its own the goals and strategies laid out in that document.

By working together with our NC State partners and harnessing the incredible strengths of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, the College of Sciences has a bright future. We can create economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for our stakeholders in North Carolina and around the world.

2013-16 Launch Plan